Stacie Bird

orange_nicho Stacie Bird is a photographer who has lived and worked in Centre Co. since the early 1980s. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Penn State in Film in 1985. Her background in film making guides her photography and visual storytelling. The vibrant, saturated colors of Mexico…

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Marianne Fyda


814-590-2255 Marianne Fyda Fine Art 213 Main Street, Troutville, PA 15866 Visual arts are part of me, through them I learned to see. I respond to the beauty of objects, people, and places – to light, color, shapes, textures and contrasts. I love the materials and I think…

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Ruth Kempner

Town Ruth Kempner is a Fine Arts graduate of Cooper Union. She worked as a textile designer in New York until she moved to Clearfield, PA, where she established her own art studio and taught art to adults and children. Ruth, now located in State College, has achieved recognition as…

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Mark Messenger


(814) 321-1181 Mark has a BA in Visual Arts from New England College with concentrations in ceramics and printmaking and an MFA in Sculpture from Penn State University. He has taught sculpture, 2D and 3D design, ceramics, watercolor and figure drawing and likes to take photographs of interesting abstract…

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Roxanne Naydan

send Sean China Camp Beach

(814) 769-6828 Roxanne works in several mediums including oil, pastel and watercolor. In addition to painting still life she paints landscapes, both locally and abroad. Her paintings explore color as well as fleeting light effects and reflect her strong connection to nature. Her works merge reality with her personal vision, a reverie…

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Mark Pilato


(814) 357-5249 Mark has been a sculptor for as long as he can remember, supported and inspired by family and friends. His mother and father (both also artists) taught that art is about process—from an idea all the way to a finished piece. Mark is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy…

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