Owning Your Own

by Jennifer Kane Hi collectors! I have been making and collecting art for many years. Once in awhile, I stop and ask myself, “Why do I enjoy these so much? Why do I find them so enriching?” I think it comes down to this: art is a living thing. Any…

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Commissioning a Work of Art


Commissioning a work of art can be a very rewarding experience. It’s the ultimate form of having something custom made that reflects the collector as well as the artist, and lasts for generations. The following is a step by step guide to initiating your project and successfully seeing it through. Step 1: Develop…

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Artists Collecting Art


story (and this painting) by Jennifer Kane Sometimes the most avid art collectors are artists themselves. People who make art have invested a lot of energy in developing their own aesthetic for what works in a piece of art, and what appeals to them personally. This makes collecting art a…

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