Everybody Collects Something

Kay Meleshenko, Susan Nicholas Gephart, Rebecca Holter2-smwb

Everybody collects something. Whether it is stamps, seashells, sports memorabilia, antiques—or, of course—art. Collecting often begins when we are young and becomes more formal as we grow older. We collect things for a variety of reasons: investment, to preserve the past, expand our social circle, fill a void in our…

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Down on the Bear Meadows Farm

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story by Barb Pennypacker What do Holsteins, Guernseys, Ayrshires and Jerseys have in common? They are dairy cows living on Bear Meadows Farm in Boalsburg, PA. The grass-fed dairy farm is owned by Jeff and Claudia Biddle and is a certified, Animal Welfare Farm. All the cows have names and…

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