Owning Your Own

by Jennifer Kane

Hi collectors! I have been making and collecting art for many years. Once in awhile, I stop and ask myself, “Why do I enjoy these so much? Why do I find them so enriching?” I think it comes down to this: art is a living thing.

Any object is an artifact of some type of action by man, machine, or nature.  But something made with intention has a specific kind of energy.  It grows on you and grows with you as time passes. It can be a piece that is found, or made just for you. Humans have always gathered meaningful objects to connect them to what is important, as a society and as individuals. It is a form of expressing your preferences, and bonding you to your interests and beliefs.

Art is a visible, outward expression of who you are in the world.  It’s a way of bringing the outside in, and the inside out. We can show others, or remind ourselves, of who we are and where we’ve been. It holds our particularities, to be seen and embraced in shifting times. We build our surroundings and they, in turn, shape us. As we learn and grow, the things around us support and reflect that growth.

Each piece of art is created by an individual artist with limited time, creative energy, and life force. As an object in your possession, each piece has a story that continues to unfold. Knowing something of the person who created it is another aspect that gives art more depth and personality. With limited edition work too, there is something interesting about knowing that it has brothers and sisters in other places.

Finally, there are things we want to say that cannot be spoken. The parts of us that lie beyond the realm of language long for expression. We collect art to say, “I exist, in this place and time.  This is what fuels me. This color, this shape, this form.”  This big, heavy clay pot grounds me. It has energy that I can relate to. This tiny blue painting feeds my soul. Having it in my space leads me to focus and calm. It’s intimate size says, “this is just for you”.

— Jennifer Kane has been a working artist in Pennsylvania since 1992.