Jim Bright

email: brightsculpture@gmail.com
website: www.jimbrightsculptures.com

phone – 717-250-4966

Galleries that handle my work:
www.lyndengallery.com, Elizabethtown, PA
www.greendrakeart.com, Millheim PA

Central Pennsylvania provides me with a supply of rich subject matter for my sculptures.  Our landscape and its people have their own unique flow and rhythm, and my work celebrates the good fortune of living right here.  Most of my sculptures are assimilations of ideas, sketches and memories that accumulate and develop in local hardwoods, bronze or stone.  I have chosen the time-honored processes of carving and casting because the cadence of both allow time for ideas to mature and evolve.  With each one, I simplify and refine by gradually ‘carving away’ layers of nonessentials.  I try to suggest rather than merely state.  My hope is to influence without dominating this dialogue.  Clarity and simplicity are my constant goals.