Artists Collecting Art

JenKanepicstory (and this painting) by Jennifer Kane

Sometimes the most avid art collectors are artists themselves. People who make art have invested a lot of energy in developing their own aesthetic for what works in a piece of art, and what appeals to them personally. This makes collecting art a natural fit.

My first art acquisition came quite incidentally. At a friend’s house for dinner, I couldn’t take my eyes off of one of the paintings displayed in the dining room. I had met this person in college and knew he was a painter, knew that the piece must be his. He noticed me gawking at the artwork as if I might float straight up to heaven in a moment of rapture. He rose from his chair, walked over to the painting, pulled it off the wall, and placed it in my hands. To keep! I was so overwhelmed by his generosity that I went straight home and created an oil portrait of his home, in trade. This was the beginning of my painting career, and the first of many paintings I would create for others.

Since then, my passion for getting a great piece of art in my hands has gone local, partly because this is the community of artists that I have had the privilege of observing as they mature and evolve over time. These are the people whose work I can follow closely, and choose my favorites as they become available. I have collected nearly one hundred pieces in the past 15 years. It has truly been a joy to experience the continuing creative growth of those amongst us, being shaped by, and shaping, our community.

That’s what the whole local movement is about: investing ourselves and our resources back into the community in order to support and enrich one another’s lives. And collecting art is one of the most gratifying ways to do that.