Owning Your Own

by Jennifer Kane

Featured Artists, October–December 2016

Jim Bright & Miya Matsui

Painting In Progress

by Jennifer Kane

The Art Buyers Guide to Art in Central Pennsylvania

Central Pennsylvania is full of skilled artists creating new and interesting work, as well as art appreciators expanding their collections. The Art Buyers Guide was organized to support these art lovers. Our goals are to:
  • engage the community by celebrating art enthusiasts and hard-working artists; facilitate interaction by highlighting community connections and fostering new relationships;
  • spread information about acquiring, commissioning, and collecting local artwork;
  • share resources for artists looking to develop professionally and connect with fans; and
  • provide news about finding local art, artists, and events, which benefit the entire art community.

Would you like to be an ABG artist?

The ABG is a quarterly publication with three articles, seven featured artists, and a list of local art venues. It also includes this website, where all featured artists have permanent profiles and additional articles will be posted.

After participating as one of the seven “featured artists,” artists are given the opportunity to write a story about a unique or meaningful connection with a buyer, client, or over an individual sale for the cover/feature article. Buyers often have profound reasons for why they purchase art and we want to share this joy with the community.

We rely on individual artists to distribute the physical publication, to share online, and to promote via word-of-mouth and business cards. There is also a $30 flat fee to support printing and website costs.

Featured artists can also nominate an artist who will be in the next round of featured artists.

Submission guidelines:

  • 4–5 high quality images of the artwork you are most passionate about selling
  • A 100 word artist statement—this statement will be reviewed with possible edits or suggestions by our editors
  • Contact information including: name, email address, website (highly recommended), phone number (optional), and media

If you would like to be an ABG artist, contact us today at artbuyersguide@ gmail.com and we will put you on the waiting list.